Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Aftermath

Battling a wine induced stupor, we are safely the other side of our 'reckoning'. Needless to say it was an hour of self-conscious cringe, but ultimately we were happy with the 'final cut', and for that we have the producers to thank, who made us feel at ease in a very unnatural situation. We personally thought it the showed the house at its best and the helicopter shots were absolutely beautiful! We hope others will appreciate it too. 

As you can see from the websites, a lot has gone in a year. We have no plans to start a butterfly farm Ruth will be pleased to know! But lots of other exciting things happening. Yurts will here for 2012 but for 2011 we'll have 4 stunning brand new rooms available for wedding accommodation and bed and breakfast as well as the self-catering flat. 

So, what's happening right now at Trereife....Pete and George have random facebook requests, mum is rifling through the emails and looking for material for her new book entitled 'Bonking Under The Owl' (about life at Trereife - contact us for relevance of title!) all at the same time, and Tim is taking a back seat... or so he says. Pete is up a ladder fixing the guttering as we speak, not even the darkness will stop him! Follow our blog to find out how these projects are getting on 


  1. I’ve just stumbled across your blog after watching Country House Rescue earlier this evening. I’d never heard of Trereife before, but thought I’d say well done for getting stuck in with all the hard work required to ensure the estate’s future – what a great challenge!

    It was very interesting to hear your ideas for the future – butterflies/zoos/Gypsy caravans excepted!

    As an unfortunate side effect of your program my parents will now be demanding that I also set to work fixing the gutters immediately!

    Best of luck.


  2. Hi, yes I also enjoyed the show - and was bemoaning the fact that there never is a Country House Rescue revisited, because no-one ever seems to turn it around! But, I think you might! Plus, think your dad got a little bit of a hard time - he's obviously got a really creative, brillant mind - but he was just doing too much! Hope it all works out.

  3. I thought last nights show was really good, I just had to find your website and see how everything was going for all of you. I'm so glad to see that everything is working out! The house is beautiful and I'll definitely be looking into visiting one day. I love the literary history that's at the core of your family, keep up the good work!

  4. I thought this was the best Country House Rescue to date, not so much because of the house and ground, which are stunning, but because it really showed how you are all pulling together as a family to make it work. I just had to come to your web site to get an update and I am really impressed with how well you are using the web site to showcase all you have to offer. I am so impressed with how much you all have done in less than a year and wish you all the best.

  5. I'm so glad things are working out for you all at Trereife. All down to lots of hard work for your family but nonetheless it's good to see that your father is able to take it relatively easy and pursue his interests. The horses are lovely!

    I wanted to find your website to see 'what happened next' and am so pleased at your success.

    I will certainly make a visit to your wonderful house and garden when I next find myself in Cornwall.

  6. I was thrilled watching the programme to them see all your hard work has paid off and you now have this site running - and it looks like you have a wonderful event for Easter coming up - sadly we live to far away to come but I will be telling my Brother about you all as he travels to Cornwall for his holidays
    We loved the family feel and bond you all have. Your father is adorable a wonderful character and he looked like he is enjoying his interests now and helping you all as well
    Thank you for an enjoyable evening watching the show and for all the hard work - I wish you well for the future and look forward to following this blog and hopefully so updates on how things are going

  7. Hi Guys!,

    I have to agree that I thought this was the best in the series so far. Your house is absolutely beautiful and the helicopter shots showed it in all its glory. After reading your comments on dressing for the show well - you needed worry about that you looked great even in the jeans! Hope the coming year takes off for you guys and I wish you all possible success for this year and beyond :-)

  8. I've just watched the programme and obviously looked for a website afterwards as I expect every business / interest to have one. I think the programme was sensitively portrayed and as a 'turnaround' consultant myself could see the challenges from all five perspectives ie: Mum/Dad/children and Ruth. I was delighted to see that you have taken on board some of the suggestions but more importantly used the programme as a catalyst for change. Next step is a plan which it looks like you have. Step after that - ownership of the finances. I was brought up in a successful family business so could empathise with many of the dilemmas of diffeent generations.

    WELL DONE to all of you. Good Luck & enjoy!