Sunday, 20 March 2011

Reality TV

Having seen THE programme on Wednesday it's not quite as bad as we were expecting.  The trouble is, being a woman makes it difficult to focus on anything except how my limited wardrobe coped with the camera scrutiny and the result is, not well!  We always knew that there'd be a lot of editing and that many of the shots and interviews wouldn't be used but the majority of my appearances that have made the final cut have been taken from the real low points of my wardrobe choices!  The feminine summer dress footage has been disregarded in favour of the 'practical' jeans and shirt look and while that may be more suitable for banging in yurt pegs and cleaning B and B rooms, it does not lend itself well to my glamorous pretensions (because yes, there is a small part of me that loved pacing around in front of the cameras and imagining myself as the next Carrie or Keira!).  But never mind, I'll know for my next reality TV appearance.... bikinis all the way (I hope you're reading 'Shipwrecked' producers!).  Seriously I think it will be some time, if not a lifetime, before I subject myself to the cameras again but it was an experience and the footage of the house looks absolutely amazing which is the main thing!! Tune in next Sunday 27th and see...


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